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Let’s Eat, Grandma

Let’s Eat, Grandma

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Our Take

Let’s Eat, Grandma was the best resume writing service that we reviewed. The company produced the highest-quality resume that we received out of every service we tested. Service was quick and easy, and pricing was very reasonable.

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  • Pros and Cons
  • Key Takeaways
Pros and Cons
  • Sign-up process was easy

  • The resume writer was flexible in terms of communication

  • Produced strong accomplishments with quantified results

  • Brief paragraphs for the Job Scope

  • A cover letter was a bonus

  • A turnaround time that is slightly longer than other resume writing services

  • The layout was dense in order to produce a one-page resume

  • Summary was lengthy and contained a few clichés

Key Takeaways
  • Our writer got us their finished work product on the deadline 
  • LEG’s founder is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and trains his staff rigorously 
  • If you aren’t satisfied with your resume, you have 30 days to request revisions 
  • Our writer produced the highest quality resume we encountered 
  • Our writer did a great job of highlighting experience and accomplishments

When job searching, everyone knows you need a resume that stands out from the rest. But writing your own document can be difficult, not to mention time-consuming. This is why some job seekers turn to the pros and use a resume writing service. Let’s Eat, Grandma (notice the grammar play?) is one company that makes the resume-writing process easier for job seekers.

We decided to put Let’s Eat, Grandma (LEG) to the test by sending them a poorly written Material Manager resume to see the kind of resume quality they would produce. How did we evaluate the company? We looked at resume quality, but it was not the only factor we evaluated—we also considered pricing, ease of communication with the resume writer we were assigned, certifications or credentials LEG’s writers possessed, guarantees offered by the service, and more. Our overall opinion: LEG is a standout resume writing service. Read on to see our full review.

How it Works: Quick match with a punctual and flexible writer

  • First, we signed up for the service.

We signed up with LEG via credit card and received an immediate response welcoming us to their service.

  • We then completed a questionnaire.

The questionnaire was not extensive; it only took 10 minutes to complete. It asked questions about the industry in which our candidate worked (Manufacturing), the types of jobs they were pursuing, the years of experience they possessed, and the level of employment desired. It also asked some questions on demographics, such as our candidate’s age, gender, household income, etc. In addition, we provided three links to jobs that our candidate was interested in.

LEG writers used this information to complete a draft resume that was reviewed by a supervisor and sent two business days prior to our scheduled phone call.

  • We scheduled a phone conversation with a resume writer and submitted our resume.

LEG uses an order form for their consumers to schedule a phone conversation with a resume writer. There’s also a form that asks their consumers to upload a resume, cover letter, and any other supporting documents that will better help the writer understand their professional history. It’s very clear from their website the steps their consumers will follow in the resume writing process. It’s also clear that LEG wants to deliver a document that will highlight the value of their consumers.

  • We went to work on the first draft with the writer.

When our writer called, we asked if communication could be conducted via email. They were happy to oblige and a few days later sent us a Google doc of the resume we submitted. Our writer had follow-up questions for almost every duty and accomplishment listed on our resume. It was obvious that they understood the various types of accomplishments, such as process improvement, negotiating lower costs, demonstrated leadership, and more.

  • We received the first draft in seven days.

LEG clearly states that a first draft will be delivered to its consumers seven days after contact with the writer. We asked our writer at one point how the process was going, and they assured us we would receive the first draft of our resume on the agreed-upon day. Our writer was on the mark with the timing. Some of the resume writing services we reviewed were quicker delivering their drafts. But we can't fault LEG; they were true to their word.

Resume Quality: The best we’ve seen

When it comes to resume quality, we look at a few factors, including design and format. But most importantly, we look at the value the content brings. Another way to put it is how well the writer could use their words to position and sell our candidate.

Specifically, for content, we looked for the following criteria:  

  • Summary Statement (should be a three- to four-line value statement devoid of clichés)
  • Skills (this section should be formatted well and the skills must be relevant)
  • Experience (the most important part of the resume; it's where the accomplishments must really shine)
  • Education (should stand on its own as a section, and traditional format is preferred)
  • Training (should include all the courses our candidate studied)

Design and Format

To keep the resume to one page, our writer used .5 inches for the top, bottom, left, and right margins. The font style and size were Calibri 11pt., which was a bit small and difficult to read. The white space was sufficient between the bullets, so that helped to make the document slightly easier to scan. But the resume would have been much easier to read if it were a two-pager.   

We experimented with the resume by changing the margins to one inch all around and expanding the font to Calibri 12pt. By doing this, we created a document that was a page and a half. Had our writer split training and education into two sections, the resume would have been approximately a page and three quarters. Our candidate had 15 years of experience, which we felt warranted a two-page resume.


The Summary statement is the first section a reader will see; therefore, it should be no longer than three or four lines while also showing the value a job candidate can bring to employers. Our writer created a Summary that was four and 3/4 lines long with 11pt. Calibri font and .5 inch left and right margins. So with larger font and reduced margins, it would have read a tad long.

Showing a candidate’s value is accomplished with industry keywords and a statement or two demonstrating overall value. For example, our writer stated: “Adept at all aspects of managing operations, from purchasing to order fulfillment while ensuring regulatory compliance.” More to the point and excluding the cliché “adept” would have been: “Manage all aspects of operations, from purchasing to order fulfillment while ensuring regulatory compliance.” 

There were other clichés in the Summary, but it's worth noting that it was also a common occurrence in other resume writing services we reviewed because, in order for a resume to pass an applicant tracking system, some of these words might be necessary. So it didn't bother us too much that LEG did this as well.


Our resume writer impressed us with the Skills section. They broke it down to two areas of expertise: Business Operations and Leadership. (It was obvious they used the questionnaire to determine which skills to list based on the job postings we provided, as well as the preferred industries we indicated.) 

Here are some of the skills our writer listed that were pertinent to our candidate’s position of Material Management: “Material & Inventory Management,” “Supply Chain Management,” “Vendor Management,” “Lean Manufacturing.” 

As examples of Leadership skills, our writer included: “Training & Development” and “Cross-Functional Collaboration.” 

We also thought the way in which they formatted the Skills section was impressive. They used pipes “|” to separate the skills and added appropriate space for readability. 


If the Skills area was well written, our writer knocked the Experience section out of the ballpark. Let’s start with the Job Scope. For our candidate’s most recent position, they wrote the following: “Oversaw and navigated all supply chain operations, including inventory, purchasing, strategic planning, warehouse design, and vendor management with a direct team of five for a $4M company.” This was the perfect length and aptly described our candidate’s overall responsibilities. 

Even more important than the Job Scope are the bulleted accomplishments that are placed under it. This is where a job candidate’s greatness is expressed with quantified results using numbers, dollars, and percentages when possible.

Our writer did an exceptional job of asking us questions about our candidate’s mundane duties and turning them into accomplishments. For example, this was one of the original resume’s statements: “Implemented cycle count program resulting in over 95% inventory accuracy.” Our writer asked which type of program was used and how it accomplished more than 95% accuracy. The revision of the improved statement was: “Implemented a cycle count software program to automate the inventory counting process; increased inventory accuracy by over 95%.”

Another example of how our writer added spark to an accomplishment was turning, “Increased inventory turns from 12 to 7.5, resulting in reduced monthly average” into “Increased inventory turnover from 12 to 7.5 through driving sales support and growth while also decreasing monthly spending.” Again, this was a result of our writer simply asking how this accomplishment was achieved. 


To save space and produce a one-page resume, our writer listed the education on one line as such: 

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Our preference is to list education in the traditional manner:

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Minor in Urban Spatial Development

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

In addition to listing our candidate’s education on one line, our writer neglected to include their Minor in Spatial Development, which demonstrates their hard work and time management while in university. 


Our writer included all the courses our candidate completed during a strenuous training program. However, they combined the Training section with Education to save space, but this wasn’t a deal-breaker for us.

Resume Writer Certifications: Resume writers hold prestigious certs

The story goes that LEG’s founder, Chris Villanueva, is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and felt his staff needed an “even more rigorous training” than the one he received, so he developed LEG University. This is an eight-week training that is mandatory to complete for all his writers. Do they have certifications? We couldn't tell by poking around the company’s website. Other resume writing services we reviewed boast of having certified resume writers, but we think this LEG training program sets the bar quite high. 

Guarantees: 60-day satisfaction guarantee

Let’s Eat, Grandma’s is realistic about offering a guarantee. The company writes on its website that they are dedicated to providing consumers a rewarding experience, but don’t guarantee interviews or offer letters.


LEG highlights 12 resumes and cover letters on its website for various occupations, particularly in the finance and IT fields. Most of them are formatted nicely and are two-pages in length, which made us wonder why our resume writer hadn’t aspired to write one for our candidate.

Available Plans & Pricing: Above average

You can choose from three packages at varying price points:

Starter Package: $399

Accelerated Packages: $509

Premium Packages: $649

New customers are encouraged to check back daily and subscribe to the company's newsletter for regular updates in pricing and package features.

We selected LEG’s cheapest package because we wanted a resume rewrite. And we were happy to see that the package we chose also came with a cover letter.

Starter Package: $399

  • Resume 
  • Cover Letter

Accelerated Package: $509

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • LinkedIn recommendations
  • Digital Guide to Cold Emails & Thank-You Notes, a multiple page pdf showcasing best practices concerning reach-out messages and thank-you note etiquette.

Premium Package: $649

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • LinkedIn rewrite
  • Second resume design
  • Digital Guide to Cold Emails & Thank-You Notes, a multiple page pdf showcasing best practices concerning reach-out messages and thank-you note etiquette.

The Competition: Let’s Eat, Grandma vs. iHire.com

We were genuinely satisfied with the professionalism our LEG writer demonstrated throughout our interaction. They were personable and seemed to sincerely care about the process, which was not the case with iHire.com. We indicated at the start that we would prefer to communicate via email with the iHire’s resume writer rather than fill out an eight-page questionnaire, but it took a while to get in touch. However, with Let's Eat, Grandma, our writer was super flexible with this.

Although Let's Eat, Grandma costs about the same as iHire, it provided a cover letter along with a resume. This makes LEG the better deal overall.

Both services did a poor job of formatting the resume. iHire used Serif font, which is not used for today’s resumes and “ages” a candidate. In this regard, LEG produced a more modern one-page resume. Both of the services tried to squeeze as much content onto one page as possible, but we actually felt that the years of experience of our candidate would have been better as a two-pager.

And then there's the content: We felt both services wrote a Summary section that was too long and contained multiple clichés. But Let's Eat, Grandma came through with the better Skills section. And while both writers asked questions which improved our candidate’s duties and accomplishments, we felt the Let’s Eat, Grandma writer did a better job with our candidate’s early work history by including more relevant information. So we're giving this one to Let's Eat, Grandma.

Final Verdict

Sound customer service and a high-quality resume

LEG was one of the best services when it came to price; the inclusion of a cover letter was also nice. We were happy with the overall customer service, particularly the flexibility of our writer. The quality of the résumé was strong, but it could have been a little better formatted. But the Skills and Experience sections were written extremely well versus other resume services we reviewed. Based on the price, customer service, and effective resume writing, LEG hands-down offered the best deal for the money. If you're looking for a resume that will get you noticed, give them a try.